Friday, August 29, 2008


By request, i write for you & only you - so here's my text

Everytime i touch the keyboard, it's Razor Rae right at her best

This time around it's bout how great she is, an athlete i must say,

Fast as lightining, bullets, cars and trains-n she goes by Tbaybay

She may be short by look, but she's got a heart of gold,

If this were poker, she'd be an ace, so you might aswell just fold.

i can count on her today, tomorrow any time of night,

When i need her by my side, she'll be there quicker than the speed of light.

She's a friend that must be kept, and never left alone ,

And when i absolutly need a laugh, i just pick up the phone

T for Trouble I for an eye A for Aspiration baby

No fumble football, no miss a 3' - its game time , never lazy

Pumping blood to catch the bus to meet her girles at the Petro

When she really could just call us up and meet us at the metro.

She can be foolish, stupid, dull and sometimes even dumb& dense

But when she tries to mend a broken heart, she always does make sense...

*iloveme some Tbaybay n whaa? "


It's really hard to say goodbye to someone you knew would always care
It's really hard to let you go, i wish that life was always fair
It's really hard to hear from mouths that don't belong with you and me
It's really hard being miles away and knowing we won't always be
It's really to say forever when you know it has to end
It's really hard to convince myself that all of that was not pretend
It's really hard to see your picture every time that you log in
It's really hard to start a convo when i know you wont begin
It's really hard to keep my smile even if a greyish sky
It's really hard to walk&talk with my head always held high
It's really hard to comprehend all the stupid things you say
It's really hard to still tell you that you're the best part of my day
Its really hard to believe when you say you love me too
It's really hard to keep track of every rumour that came true
It's really hard to accept that you were here and now you're gone
& even harder to know that it's time that i move on...

Attempt Part I

Cant find the words to describe the way I felt today;
Prayed to the lord that your love would fine’lly fade away
Cant take this shit anymore, its hurting everyday
All started on the 1 & 7 of the month of may.
Same track on the box for 2 hours, never touched that song you once claimed was ours;
In the rain outside finally somewhere where my tears collide- roller coaster ride, fuck im dying inside…
I mopped around all morning no expression on my “money maker”
Old ladies mustve said “that smile? Sucha faker…”
Passed up the pizza and the pop, the candy and the hug
I was the bitchiest bitch, ahuh. Love bug.
No luck in the life, horse shoe, four leaf clover
Only thing I got was a look: game over.
Friends try to be near, close, stuck like glue,
But apparently nothin’s workin cuz im not over you.

Hope its not an Olympic wait, 4 years to Beijing,
Until I get over this thing, this thing,
Called love. Love “ patience young love, young strength, young hope
Don’t listen to drama, all a damn TV Soap,
B&Beautiful, Y&R, Passions dont listen- aint the pope”
Those angels sayin that, always helped me cope.

You were to me what K is to ball,
No excuse to jet off no reason at all
But im still standing tall from now til the fall,
And when its time for the tears, ill give Bongo a call.
Him too, hes a victim of this K-I double L- ER
Fucked us up, fucked us over, fucked up our summer.
He cant be with his her, I cant be with my him,
The chances to get back are still razor slim!

As much as it kills to leave all those mem’ries behind,
Its time I move on, move in with my kind.
The single, lets mingle, no more Rocky/Bullwinkle.
Trust me im done, steak on the grill well done, blazin’ like the sun,
Yeah im still number one.
Im fken 14 and its time I start actin, reactin
My scene my words my lines, my mackin!
No pimp for 32 weeks! Damn im week, but now im chic,
Im fit- HOT OBLIQUES! Now its me that you’ll seek, no need for a tweak,
No need for .

BDizzy aka The Legend

This Legend walks the halls, this Legend walks the hood’
But these chicks that roam ‘bout will never know-him like I could’
He’s got the swag, he’s got the voice, he’s got the fire in his eyes,
And damn the words he preaches bout’ got them boys in surprise’
He drops the beat like a bomb and wishes only for hope,
He don’ the math, he don’ the sports but don’t go near that shit dope’
He cuts the music so hard, like Lebron cuts the key,
And babe between you and me he’ll shine someday on TV’
He hides the talent behind smiles, but when the hymns start to blare’
He’s ready out on the mic rappin’ words with no care’
No care bout’ what they think’ no care bout’ what they say,
They way that this boy’s goin’ shit he’ll be rappin’ all day’
He got the smarts in the books he got the smarts in the streets’
You watch him’ ten years from now he’ll be cre-atin’ more heat;
“Sign here n sign there” is what the papers will date;
but really deep down within he signed that contract at 8’
He got the girls by his side, and the boys by his back’
Cuz he won’t turn round if they’re all in a scarp;
To me he’s strong and he’s young-
at heart and at soul;
And makin music to him means makin’ him in control;
To me This Legend is hype to me this Legend is fame;
And I hope you all know that he brings haters to shame.

Rae <3’s The Legend *


Cursor blinking on the screen, words are tangled in my head,
Can’t figure out what I did wrong, must’ve been something I said.
I try and try to let you go, try to think of something knew,
But I just can’t shake off these feelings that always lead right back to you.
Ed Hardy said that, “Love Kills Slowly” never knew quite what that meant,
Now I sit here in my chair with an “ I miss you” never sent.
I can’t eat right, I can’t think straight, doctor says it must be love,
I know he’s right, I can’t debate because for now, you’re all I’m thinking of.
Denying facts that I’m love struck, I know, will never do me good,
But I don’t wanna be the spotlight even if I know I could.
I push aside the times we had, and kisses I cannot regain,
And even if I could I know that they would never be the same.
When I say bro, you know it’s baby, but I really can’t confess,
Because I promised I would stay true to me, and surprise all of the rest.
Congratulations to you boy, you really found my inner weekness,
But I’m a champ, and knowing me, I know that I can sure get through this.

Too long

As far back as time may go, you have always been the one
Made me smile, made me laugh, made my eyes shine in the sun
Your late night calls, your funny texts had me always wanting more
That's why you took control of me like a doll bought from a store
I swear to you (name) you kept me longing for your kiss
But after all you put me through it's your cry that i shall miss
I cant believe you played me out, and cant believe you'd trade me in
With all the Stupidness you say it's clear your love was just a sin
I've been t hell and back tryna make our bond so strong
Until i finally realized that i've loved you for too long...

*stay strong T'*

Sugga Tantan

Im a SuperStunna lady with a bunch of curly locks,
Im a Bootylicious mama with the pink and purple socks
Im a headline on CBC, Much Music and the news
Im that lil White girl with hoodies and the squeaky MJ shoes
Im a troubled teenaged girl who always has the sweetest smile
Im a crazy Love Struck Baby who has them boys all on speed dial
Im that girl that takes your shit & can sure damn swipe your man
Im a Mother F*cking Princess- your one and only Suga Tantan

For Deborah Athanasopoulos.

Your smile is so contagious,
Makes my eyes feel so outragious;
Hope you know that you're my lady,
and forever my dear baby.
You're always there to sooth my heart,
and wish that we will never part.
You meen the world to be and more;
you're in my heart right at the core.
You're stunning, gorgeous, flawless, hot
You have his stomach in a knot
You make my worries fade away,
Know you're the best part of my day


Razor Rae.

Lookin like an Angel;
Shining like a Star;
Grantin' like a Geenie'
Girls hate from Afar'
Stuning like a Diamond;
Got your eyes on lock,
Superior to you;
Hottest on the Block*

One Part II. the new words.

As i have mentioned before, you'll always be my numba one,
you said " ill love you forever, want you to mother my son".
There are a shit load of things that to me are so fake,
but for real so-called-bro, that was the tops of my cake.
You always gone, even now being where them Barbie's at,
And i want them to know you ain't for real-- thats a fact.
Boy I'm a winner, an all star, a record holder, it's my game,
but when you joined into play, you brought this champion to shame.
Really am a gold earning b*tch; i CAN admit i was beat;
And see now i aint crying boy, I'm on my own two feet!
Thought that i couldnt move one, that im done - aint the case;
Picked up, I ran far, and slappd you right in the face
I've touched the sky and the stars, then fell right back on cloud nine;
just like a trip to the moon- you gotta leave it behind.
For you I'd double the world, triple it even for love.
Thing is when i return it's you, her and a glove.
You always want what you cant have, but this time Imma stay real,
Maybe this time you'll awake and know just how i feel.
I'm glad you moved on, glad you're out cuz my hearts bled too much,
Tired of hearing you fuckin her, fuckin them, such and such.
But like i said baby boy youll always be my number one,
And wish someday you'll look at me and realize what you've done...

One. the early words.

When I look into your eyes I know this is for real;
Cause when we 1st said I love you, I knew we sealed the deal.
When we said our first hello and waved our last goodbye;
I knew that in the end this could never be a lie.
When you squish my tiny face, and hold my body close;
And then whisper in my ear, “ You’re the girl that I love most”.
When I stare up at the moon, I know you’re looking too;
And when I sound right down and tired you know exactly what to do.
When I lie down in my bed and try to fall asleep;
I pray it’s you that’s calling and not some stuck up creep.
When we’re in a brawl or fight, you know I’m always crushed;
Cause of all the words you say to me that always make me blush.
When your compliments come naturally it makes me wanna die;
Cause it always makes me wonder if you’ll ever say goodbye.
But now I know that all is good, and the battles always won;
Because baby without you and I am hardly even one…

"Forever" yours...

F is for the feelings I’ll always have for you
O is for the opening in my heart that you shot threw
R is for the reasons you always made me smile
E is for the evenings we spent once in a while
V is for the vexing and the ups and downs we faced
E Is for the early calls that can never be replaced
R Is for that risk that will never be an error,

And these words are just to tell you that we’ll always be forever… *

i COULD BE._* the early words.

I could be a poet, or a singer or a boss,
I could be a dancer or a girl that plays lacrosse,
I could be a lawyer or a teacher or a nurse,
I could be a movie star with a million dolla’ purse.
I could be a model or a woman fire fighter
I could be an artist or a chemist or a buyer.
I could be anything that I strive to achieve,But baby all I wanna be is the one you’ll always need

With You_* the early words

Sometimes I look out at the world and wish of somewhere else;
Somewhere calm n quiet where I can be myself.
Sometimes I space out and dream about that place,
Where noise and wars and scandals are NEVER quite the case.
Sometimes I look up at the sky and then look down at the snow;
And wonder if I’ll ever, pick up my heart and go.
Sometimes I think this sanctuary is to good to be true,
But this spot is always possible as long as I’m with you .

my baby.

baby all i ever wanted was for you to say my name;
but baby all that you've been doing is runnin' round' and playing game.
baby when you walk the halls; i turn around and stare;
but baby when i ask "what's up?" you act like you don't care.
baby when you kissed my lips, you made me wanna die;
cuz babe you filled me up with hope then left with no goodbye.
babe you had me fallin' for you sweet and handsome ways;
but now i wake up every morning, wishing bout' them days.
babe i love that smile, and your look that gets me high;
but babe i hate it when your vexed and decide you should be dry.
baby no one can compare to you, you're smart and skilled and quiet;
but baby when that goes against me? damn I'm going through a riot...
baby i can't live without you, and you seem to wonder why;
but baby all i do is walk, stay strong, until i then break down and cry.
baby mornings you're my first thought, and at night you are my last;
but baby lately you've been trippin' and these thoughts build way to fast.
baby can't you understand that what i got for you is love?
cuz you dont seem to give 2 cents, you're all im thinking of.
baby all i can do is wait for you- a text, a word, a call;
but baby now that you confessed, i don't want your love at all...

*stay strong G'*