Saturday, April 18, 2009


Presently in Vaudreuil, Dorion! It's 9:36 PM and we're all watching the habs while shaking our heads with disappointment.It's only second period, and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better, but Im still faithful... Please grant Montreal a miracle!

God Bless


Rock the city! Game two is tonight! 8:00 PM @Boston. Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins. RUIN THE BRUINS. I got bets on this, so c'mon les boys! We proved ourselves worthy, fight back stand up and claim the trophy! 100 years shouldn't be any different. High expectations are the worst, but just believe that you have a whole city and more behind you! Much love from Montreal! On vous aime!
The 2nd city that never sleeps... especially on hockey night <3

Nothing but net!

Good morrow cyber world!
I woke up to the alert inside me, tempting me to check my phone. I naturally have this alarm clock within me that lets me wake up on my own. I'll never be late, because I guess my body's so used to being organized and on time that i just seem to crack open my eyelids to a new day. This morning, was (i think) my last practice of the season. I dream of playing basketball like Lebron haha, but it will take me some time... Besides I think it's kind of too late to go in that direction anyway. Practice was a pool of sweat, ew. But i can surely say it was worth it. Dad coached me until my feet were sore, literally and i picked up a lot of great pointers; yet again. I'm working on getting the ball to a perfect arch and SWOOSH! Nothing but net...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fucking Fairytales

Why is it that Romeo could die for Juliet and mean it
Why is it that Juliet didn't give up on love when she couldn't see it
Why is it that Paris never got a chance
Why is it that Juliet only loved the One who just "promised" her romance

Why is it that Bella could go crawling back to Edward
Why is it that she could put aside and decide she could go forward
Why is it that Jacob never got a chance
Why is it that Bella only loved the One who "promised" romance

Why is it Monica could give in to such a player
Why is it that Quincy wanted to be known as such a slayer
Why is it that Spalding never got a chance
Why is it that Monica chose something that "promised" her romance

Why is it that Cinderella wanted a happy ending
Why is it that she had to get her way, pretending
Why is it that Cindersoot didn't give herself the chance
Why is it that Cinderella had to depend on romance

Why is it that Belle couldn't love in such a beast
Why is it that Belle had to see him in discrete
Why is it that Beast never got a chance
Why is it that Beauty has to be the cover of romance

Why is it that I could never have a fairytale ending
Why is it that your love always seems to be pending
Why is it that i could never get any of these males?
It's because i grew up reading fucking fairy tales...


The bond that's thicker than tape,
The liquid that 's thicker than water.
Blood is what keeps us together
Whether it's here or there.

We might live apart,
but we care just as strong.
It's a passion that is formed in an oyster,
and came out a Pearl.

It's where the tree was planted,
and now it's vines surpass the rough ocean.
They tentacle onto dry land and sew more seeds.
We're all cut from the same cloth.

In this snowy land, there is a leader
the father of our family.
Bombs and piecing bullets didn't stop him there
that's where the determination of one made many.

Blood is thicker than water,
and this is fact from fiction.
There's been disputes but we love as one
As a whole, a complete body.

From coast to coast we spread the love and generosity
From sea to sea we share the same smile and qualities
I look at her and she somehow looks like me
just less fortunate.

Confident ego's and active minds
creative eyes and working hands
plantations to factories.
All but one in common: Pride.

There is no care for dirty feet or dirty hands
The blood that's shed represents the struggle to make us
and it is thicker than any substance.
We are family.