Friday, August 29, 2008

my baby.

baby all i ever wanted was for you to say my name;
but baby all that you've been doing is runnin' round' and playing game.
baby when you walk the halls; i turn around and stare;
but baby when i ask "what's up?" you act like you don't care.
baby when you kissed my lips, you made me wanna die;
cuz babe you filled me up with hope then left with no goodbye.
babe you had me fallin' for you sweet and handsome ways;
but now i wake up every morning, wishing bout' them days.
babe i love that smile, and your look that gets me high;
but babe i hate it when your vexed and decide you should be dry.
baby no one can compare to you, you're smart and skilled and quiet;
but baby when that goes against me? damn I'm going through a riot...
baby i can't live without you, and you seem to wonder why;
but baby all i do is walk, stay strong, until i then break down and cry.
baby mornings you're my first thought, and at night you are my last;
but baby lately you've been trippin' and these thoughts build way to fast.
baby can't you understand that what i got for you is love?
cuz you dont seem to give 2 cents, you're all im thinking of.
baby all i can do is wait for you- a text, a word, a call;
but baby now that you confessed, i don't want your love at all...

*stay strong G'*

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