Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Heyyy there :) Summer is finally here in Montreal. Highs of 32 degrees! Woah! Scoarching... Sorry for the blog's appearance its under construction. Today i went to LaRonde with camp. it was Hot and sticky and i dont feel well so it was kind of a nightmare for me.. anyhow. my day gets worse. I'm entenred into this scolarship program, PBSSQ(philipino benevolent and scholarship societyof Quebec) and so ive been working on an ESSAY. thats right. and ESSAY during the summer! i ALSO have to complete a biography of my honours and achievements and a reasearch project on the Philippines. On sunday when i do my interview, i also have to write a short essay... Doenst this suck? Yes it might, but the prize IS 500$ and Top Scholar of the Year. Good looks on a CV doesnt it? I'm working towards my money * lol juuustttttt NOT kidding. anywho I MUST get back to work. Just stopped by to blog. Even though NO ONE reads this anyways!