Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's to friday nights of reminiscing!

Along the edge of the world, when things seem to be crumbling off the side- I'll stand by you.
Face flat against the pavement, trying to regain balance on your feet- I'll help you.
Broken hearted, for the distance apart from everything is too much to handle- I'll fix you.
Upset because you think your all isn't good enough for anyone- I'll remind you.
On the verge of giving up everything for the sake of coming home -I'll encourage you.
When the feelings of sadness and jealousy creep into your mind- I'll reassure you.
During times of separation that may lead to unexpected events- I'll trust you.
When the uproars of people start, and try to ruin our love- I'll defend you.
Crossing streets with girls silently screaming for your attention- I'll take hold of you.
Holding your face between my hands and looking into your beautiful eyes -I'll kiss you.
Looking at you making a complete fool of yourself and not caring- I'll accept you.
Silently looking down at the floor because you had a bad day- I'll smile at you.
Not telling me something for the sake of keeping your word- I'll respect you.
Struggling to do or not to do for the sake of injury- I'll take care of you.
As you reach for your dreams until you've attained them- I'll support you.
Doubting yourself, and filling your head with negativity- I'll surround you.
Failing to understand aspects of life and the obstacles being thrown at you- I'll guide you.
Not being able to learn and read the words being said to you- I'll teach you.
Having trouble comprehending the truth in my eyes- I'll tell you.
Losing yourself in the midst of fame and expectations- I'll find you.
Suffering from independence and lack of physical love- I'll rescue you.
Leaving the past and walking into the bright lights of our future- I'll follow you.
Separated by miles or hours that may prevent communication between us- I'll wait for you.
Isolated in an environment that has been and is your dream-I'll think of you.
When the stakes are high and you cannot reach them and think the end is near- I'll believe in you.
And when times arise where you might hate yourself, the world, and the situation surrounding you- I'll love you. For better and for worse. I'll never give up on you.

Because I am You.



Thursday, January 14, 2010


You're mind blowing, and outstandingly beautiful haha.
As time goes on,you get older and more gorgeous every time i see you.
this is wrong, on so many levels. but i never got the chance to write about you.
truthfully, i haven't even had the time to think of you.
but i stumbled on your page today. No mistake...
Ive seen you look like a man, and i notice you still remain "faithful".
Well, thats only what i see.
I hear you got a tattoo, dont know what its of though.
I'd like to see it. I wouldn't mind running into you...
i never got what i wanted from you. and its been... 6 years.
We're old enough i know, but its too late.
I won't lie and say i dont miss you. i do... i'll never forget what we had that summer.
that one summer that changed everything.
Its CRAZY how connections are made when we meet.
But we know better. I know better.

Just wanted to mention that you're beautiful... that is all



Wednesday, January 13, 2010


every time you leave my view, my imagination begins to create itself. it's as if it is replacing your presence. in a way, i hate having you away from me. I feel incomplete; a whole and strong woman, but incomplete. but in another way, i love to miss you. I love to think about what you're doing at that very moment, what you look like and what you're thinking about... I know every inch of you now. I remember and picture every speck on your face and your body. I know your scars, you muscles, your weak spots and your strong ones. I can feel your emotions and sense your need because its as if im part of you and you of me. Its a special bond thats taking place between us and its twisting my mentality around. Its shaping my mind and chiseling my morals. I dont want to make this relationship sound like a fairytale or some super natural story because its not. its an honest and true bond between two simple people.

in my eyes, theres no one at the moment, and in the moments to come, that i rather be with. ive forgotten the rest and am keen on a future with you. Now a future doesnt always mean marriage and kids, im talking the next years to come as our future. If the rest is meant to be, then it will fall into place... i wish it does though. I love having you around all the time. it makes me feel safe and protected. Nothing can ever hurt me anymore because you have possesion of my heart, and you guard it with everything- i see that. I see the passion in your beautiful eyes and the respect in your touch. You listen. you dont just hear what i have to say and you just dont guess my thoughts and feelings... you know them. you listen to everything and realize things i dont even neeed to tell you about.

I know your dreams and you know mine. We know how far each of s will go for them, and promised to not get in the way of that path, only help guide it. I'll stand by you when you reach your goals, and i want you there to stand by me. Stand Tall and Proud.
My brain has been on an instant replay of our memories and times together. Even the simplest of fore-head kisses tears apart my mind because i miss it. I imagine. My imagination has never been so creative. My dreams never so intense and vivid. My art work so profound and thought out and my intensity so willing.

you're always on my mind, and i wonder if you ever get tired and wish to be elsewhere.