Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Approaching :(

NOOOOOOOO my relax time is slipping through my fingers... not cool. One week to go, 5 days to be precise. Then no more sleeping in. Its just going to be books, book, books, an orange ball, a stripped wilson and laced up touch-down for the next 10 months... WWOOOHOOO. atleast ill get a tight body (hopefully ) *yn


Monday, August 24, 2009

Forbidden Love

I was really starting to fall for you- even though i knew i shouldn't have.You were someone I completely and willing got to know despite the red flags. I began this relationship; this friendship we now have, but i do not want to be the one to end it. You were good company... for the time being. Everyday you managed to put a smile on my face even if it was not funny. A compliment, and insult... Either one would suffice because i was talking to you. You; an older, wiser more experienced, determined boy. I admired (and still do) your passion for that orange ball. It was what attracted me to you from the beginning- and the more you spoke about it the more i was intrigued. i love a guy able to commit, who is fit, strong, intelligent and takes charge. You were everything and more. you are the perfect match! You play hard to get which is an alteration in my game... a challenge. I also like challenge. There are risks and certain rules i know i have to break to get to know you and see you. and sometimes i think it might be worth it- but when you pull those lines... those stupid, childish, MEN lines i just want to forget about even making that first move...

Adieu mon amour,