Friday, March 13, 2009

Time Shall Only Tell

You should've known better than than to let me fly away
It's like you opened up the door to an eager bird in a cage
Don't you know not to provoke a lion with infuriating rage?
I guess you were'nt ready to move up to my stage...

I won't just sit there until you decide i'm worthy of your time
And truth be told, i don't think you're even worth a dime
Waiting on you is like a cut sprinkled with lime
or watching Brown on TV as he committed a crime.

At the moment i like you but don't want to wait
For a text or a call that gives me a time or a date
because i'm not a stupid girl who gets reeled in with bate
or a fish, that you can just pick up in a lake

I'm the ocean. The one that you should attempt to swim
if you even want to come close to someone as great as him
My dad, there's no one who can live up to him
No one who's halo shines brighter, your's just a dim

It could be great it could be fun matter of fact it could be perfection
but again, im not sitting here asking more questions
im not going to cry and im not gonna mention
i'll just accept what i got, and leave with the pension

We'll see what time brings, if you come running back
to the girl you left hanging and put back on the rack
you'll realize that she's something you lack,
A woman worthy to pick up your slack...