Wednesday, January 14, 2009


See there's this guy i hate, and he goes by Don Gp
He thinks that he's histerical when he imitates Jet Lee
He wishes to be powerful and succesful just like me,
but the only problem is that i'll be living across the sea :)

All his boys will tease him cause' he'll always sucha spazz
and maybe for the fact that his favourite music's jazz.
They say that hes a monkey, but i say that he's a pig.
And when he's old and grey, Don GianPiero will wear a wig :)

He likes to mess with me, and therefore he loves the money
he comes up to my locker, calls me baby calls me honey.
He should know that when he's with me that my day is always sunny:)
and he loves me like a little girl loves the easter bunny:)

But he's really quite annoying, this little boy i know.
Someday im sure he's gonna have his own pornographic show
or maybe he'll stay a virgin until he fucks a guy named moe,
but by then he'll be too drunk and be pissing in the snow.

Sometimes he thinks he's stupid, but i think he's rather smart.
the only problem is he sucks when he does art.
he's the type that'd ride around the store in a stroller or a cart
but i'm glad that i can stop him before he even starts:)

I really must say, that i hate you more than ever.
you're always so annoying MY GOD you promised me forever?!
That means I'll hear your screams and laughs aslong as we're together?
oh well :) i guess it'll keep me company through all the stormy weather :) <3