Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have a dream

I had a dream about you last night.
We were lying in the sand watching the sunset.
I heard nothing but waves washing against the shore.
I saw nothing but your tanned face looking at mine.
Love was in the air.
The beach was clear. Couples had started back to their hotels and we were alone.
I loved it this way. It was like we heard each others thoughts better.
I was you, and you were me.
We were one.
I looked at you so happy... Finally.
Our moment was interrupted by funny giggles "Mommy! Daddy!"
We laughed and grabbed our children in our arms.
Finally we had gotten to that dream of ours. The one we had the day we locked eyes.
You hadn't aged a day...
You were beautiful, a God.
We were healthy, fit and amazing parents.
She was gorgeous, our daughter, she had your smile.
He was handsome, our son, he had your strong posture.
We had a family together.. nothing seemed wrong.
Its funny how in dreams you don't remember exactly how that person treated you in the past.
All you know is that you are happy in the moment that in reality, lasted a mili-second.
It felt so real. It felt as if you loved me...
But then again... I was only dreaming.