Friday, August 29, 2008

Attempt Part I

Cant find the words to describe the way I felt today;
Prayed to the lord that your love would fine’lly fade away
Cant take this shit anymore, its hurting everyday
All started on the 1 & 7 of the month of may.
Same track on the box for 2 hours, never touched that song you once claimed was ours;
In the rain outside finally somewhere where my tears collide- roller coaster ride, fuck im dying inside…
I mopped around all morning no expression on my “money maker”
Old ladies mustve said “that smile? Sucha faker…”
Passed up the pizza and the pop, the candy and the hug
I was the bitchiest bitch, ahuh. Love bug.
No luck in the life, horse shoe, four leaf clover
Only thing I got was a look: game over.
Friends try to be near, close, stuck like glue,
But apparently nothin’s workin cuz im not over you.

Hope its not an Olympic wait, 4 years to Beijing,
Until I get over this thing, this thing,
Called love. Love “ patience young love, young strength, young hope
Don’t listen to drama, all a damn TV Soap,
B&Beautiful, Y&R, Passions dont listen- aint the pope”
Those angels sayin that, always helped me cope.

You were to me what K is to ball,
No excuse to jet off no reason at all
But im still standing tall from now til the fall,
And when its time for the tears, ill give Bongo a call.
Him too, hes a victim of this K-I double L- ER
Fucked us up, fucked us over, fucked up our summer.
He cant be with his her, I cant be with my him,
The chances to get back are still razor slim!

As much as it kills to leave all those mem’ries behind,
Its time I move on, move in with my kind.
The single, lets mingle, no more Rocky/Bullwinkle.
Trust me im done, steak on the grill well done, blazin’ like the sun,
Yeah im still number one.
Im fken 14 and its time I start actin, reactin
My scene my words my lines, my mackin!
No pimp for 32 weeks! Damn im week, but now im chic,
Im fit- HOT OBLIQUES! Now its me that you’ll seek, no need for a tweak,
No need for .


Anonymous said...

sick poemmmmm:D

Anonymous said...

ahaaa this ones my favoritee, your amazing.good job rae*
love tantan <3