Monday, August 2, 2010

Find Your Love

It's about to come down. Hard. The clouds are hovering over my little piece of heaven i call a backyard. Its beautiful. The raindrops are hitting the top of my canopy, the taupe color is suddenly turning a dark dark brown. The wind is blowing some drops of sky into my face. I dont mind. I hear it, i smell it. The rain is one of my favorite aspects of nature. I just saw a lightening bolt shiver across the sky. "The angels are bowling", my little sister says. "Uncle Gino and Tzi Tzi Hazel are bowling! I guess they found each other". I look up at the sky and wonder.. when we leave, do we each hold a place of blue sky? Do we each have a raindrop? a star? a leaf? or a lightening bolt to call our own? I sure think so. I sure HOPE so. So that whn its my turn, my loved ones will look up at the sky and try to scope me out.

The sky is shaking, atleast it looks like it. The sound is loud, but is it so beautiful. The silence on my balcony, hearing nothing but the rain... its defeaning. I love it. I wish i was here with him. We love to watch and hear the rain. Other couples hit the clubs, walk the streets or hang out in parcs, but us. We watch the rain. Every raindrops represents the reasons why we are together. And although time may change our present situation, ill always remember that it was with him that i watched the rain.

find YOUR love