Friday, June 19, 2009

Plain old Ashley blog

hey there.
Just dropping by to talk. What else do i do right? Well, many things but that's besides the point. I updated my blog today. Couple of trinkets. Music - some snippets some actual tracks. It's kinda shitty that way but wtv. There are some great songs there so feel free to check it out. I also added the weather :) Punch in your city if you're wondering exactly HOW hot is it where you at ma'. Also added was the date haha. JUST INCASE you forget :) it helps to know when i posted the entry as well, or me at least seeing as i have like 5 followers none of which read anyway. But! just incase there are people who do... thanks. REALLY. thank you.

Summer's here. I guess.. This weather is sickening. Weak... just gray blobs everywhere. Everything is really depressing. What else.. I'm reading Angels and demons by Dan Brown. Prettyy good. I love God don't get me wrong but i like science too. God before all though no doubt.

Father's day this weekend, so blessings to all dadda's. Here or not... Out reach to all. Love love love. I got a family get together this weekend and as usual, im greatful/excited. it's been a while. 2 weeks maybe :P so lucky.

So ya.. Razor rae. Dj Razor Rae just lounging at the home... blogging. Jamming. You know.
Congrats Lakers champs (told ya'll...) Big ups to Penguins! (told ya'll again) AND congrats to the graduates. I know it's that time of year...

ya, little shout out to 11:11. Guess wishes do come true... TOLD YA'LL AGAIN

On a positive note, lupe is too cool. Just the Cool. Viva

Adieu to another day,



sorry G.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meet me at my needs, thanks!

Why is it whenever i find something so precious and ideally close to home that it ends up having strings attached? That's life isn't it, never being 100% complete. There's always something. This new beau for instance, or casual flirt i should say, is even cut from the same cloth for God's sake what more could you want? A nice boy who is dedicated, passionate, committed, humorous and truthful. What's the problem? Ah... boy. There's the catch of the day. Once settled into conversation, the "boy questions" come along, and don't they always? So, i answered a couple and gradually moved on to a discussion that sounded more like a trivial pursuit.

Questions, yes.
Sex talk, no.