Saturday, May 23, 2009

Photos from M's show :Buttons

Great show :)
xox Ashley

the love of the theater

Hello bloggers :)
Tonight, i am attending M's theater show. She's playing the role of a hooker- and says its really funny. So, i'm looking forward to it. I kinda feel like shit because T.O.M came and visited. I'm not too fond of him. he's annoying and always comes at the wrong time. lol Ladies, i hope we can relate to Tom. lol anywhoodles, i'm at T's house just now and we finshed sorting through her tones of millions of earrings. We figured out that the guys who were here yesterday STOLE a bundle of them and shes really pissed, then again who wouldnt be? I mean you invite yourself over number 1, you barge in and act all rude expecting food number 2 AND WHEN WE KICK YOU OUT, they get all bitchy and steal stuff? uh no. not floating my boat. Guess who was one of the assholes who took them? Yep, Him.

Last night, we experienced 3 groups of different backgrounds came to T's house at different times. Honestly, i thought it was amazing to see how guys from different countries act around girls. We had the negros, the mexican/colombians Manuel and Alberto who've been in Canada for a year and "Aaron and Taso" lol who were greek. They all stopped by for about 2 hours each, and it was so cool to see our (us girls) mood changes from group to group. The 1st group we knew very well. We went to school with them, but they were the ones who were super rude and stole stuff and created a whole bordello. The 2nd group was G's new boyfriend. They met at the gym and he's only lived here for a year now. He came form colombia and he brought his friend Alberto over. They were SO nice. It was their first time meeting G's best friends and they really gave us a good first impression. L, P, TB, T and I were very impressed. The next greco group was TB's beau. Shes "seeing him". At first him and his friend Taso Laso came off rough, but eventually they warmed up...

It was kinda boring last night, but being together was all that mattered. We enjoy eachothers company despite out COMPLETE differences. Anyway, L P T and me are meeting to go see M's show... I'll be back with an update about the show later. And... pictures:)



OK! IT'S DONE! LONG LIVE THE KING...JAMES! Last second (literally) and lebron gets the ball off the rebound, and shoots a beautiful 3. He is pure talent. he is basketball... he was fucking amazing. Thats what mvps do, thats why theyre crowned mvp. for key shots like that. It's in the video at the top. self explanatory.

Cavs ftw, Lebron is the game

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a day in the life of...

OK! So this crazy girl and i worked 3 classes intensively on our power point presentation on interior designing... all for what? 2 minutes of our teachers time. He looked at it and just graded... wtf? well whatever. its how this new reform class works. This, bloggiez is how we spent all __ classes: fucking around. Feeling good today. DESPITE whata helluva week it's been. backstabbing, jumping to conclusions, ignoring, beating up, robbing... High school. 7 days left! Ah it looks great outside. Take a look....
from the 3rd floor of my school... Sorry if it kinda looks shitty but to me... its beautiful!
Congrats to Kris Allen btw, the new American Idol. Congrats to Adam Lambert as well. Kudos anyhow.

have a great day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love and....

So, i was given a handout at school last week. I found in on my floor... typical. I actually read it.

" we use the word 'love' frequently when we speak, but we do not always mean the same thing by it". I sat on my bed and thought, " today, i said i loved... last nights episode of Gossip girl. I love sleeping. I love winning. I love the Five Alive Peach juice that my sister drank. I love the ringtone my friend had ( you know the Me So Horny! one from Disturbia?) " i loved ALOT of things today... but apparently, there are 4 TYPES of love... Agape Storge Philos and

Agape:concern of the well-being of others... Ok so volunteers... (not You...)
Storge: the sort of love towards places or things... Ok so potatoes... (still not You...)
Philos: The kind of love that is expressed in friendships. those close to us... Ok so family... (Nope. You're nothing!)

and then... Eros.

: the love that is based on physical attraction that people feel for one another. it is the state of 'falling in love'. It is based on sexual affection/passion... (definetly, You...)

Cheat and Fleet

"what goes around, always comes back around"...

hmm interesting concept to live by. It took me about 4 months after all the tears to realize this. Today, 11 months later- you experience it. I've longed for the day you put yourself in my shoes. Not so comfortable eh? I thought i told you what goes around comes back around? I guess that's just the way it is...

Soak up your slimy, repulsive self. Take a look in the mirror to the murderer you've become. You don't remember your face baby? Funny. Neither do I.

I love you. Then. Now. Always

Monday, May 18, 2009

3 Oh My God's

Hey bloggers. Hope you all enjoyed your long weekends. I certainly did. I have 3 statements to express in this post that shocked me this weekend.
1. Charice Pempengco: YOU GO GIRL! Pinoy pride... For all of you readers out there who don't know who this young filipina is, please... watch this video. She is what 14 now? She has ALREADY sang with Andrea Bocelli, belted out along side David Foster and last but certainly not least- Celine Dion. She comes from a very poor family in the Philipinnes yet still accomplished her dreammss. How? Youtube my friends. This is why she is featured as my Hero of the day. Take a look.
Her new, first ever single- If I wrote a note to God. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!

2.Charles Bass. 2 seasons and 43 episodes later... Those 3 final words seeped out of your mouth... I cried. My stomach bubbled. I felt the love. I replayed the last scene 3 times and had goosebumps :) Je t'aime Charles Bass... Adieu until August 31st!

3. Notice how i write in purple... lol (lakers)Im disappointed in the Celtics! I really thought... but oh well Orlando is the better team. Its just so much more interesting with Boston being in the finals... So. I predict Cavaliers and Lakers in the finals... Kobe vs Lebronn * the series of the century.

I've been raised a Lakers fan, but i dont know. Lebronn is my mann... Luck to both. and the Love of course... have a great week! God Bless AND OH. CHECK OUT THAT LINK!! I'M TELLING YOU!