Monday, October 12, 2009

You're boyfriend number two- again.

Hiya Ducky. I missed you, but no worries i knew you would return. And you KNOW how much that bothers me. Guys have radars don't they... Edward came back to Bella just when she started to feel better about his absence. Big came RUNNING for Carrie the same night she was happily leaving for Paris. And you unknowingly, come back into my life when i start to move one... But im not going to lie. I love having you here. I've missed your rude comments but you came with a new attitude this time... a complimenting one. A side i hadn't seen for a long time. if ever.

its not the first time you hear this, maybe not as personal but youre 2nd to me now. i love having you second though, really. and the only place you'll ever move to is first, i guarantee that. but at the moment, i haven't forgotten you. Welcome back to the pond.

hugs and kisses. xo