Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Dina, Dear Pebblez, Dear Mrs Cookie monster,
Im here, to say, that there aint nobody hotter
And It's clear, to me, that you're an inspiration,
and for one, my girl, I'd fight a fken nation.
& Im sure, to them, you're nothing more than hips
but they should know, youre presence, is a damn solar eclipse.
And babe, for two, you do, you got a a heart of gold,
and now i know, that he, aint always there to hold.
But yet you're here, and there and always by his side,
and D , if you, were mine, youd be the center of my pride.
And i am certain, that you, have heard this all before,
but D, i truly mean it when i say, that Razor really loves you more :)

*You could be my PebbleZ n I could be your BamBam