Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Analogy of a duck.

You know... you piss me off. I decided to NOT fall for you. I came to the conclusion that you're no good for me- that it would never work out. But why is it that whenever we drift away and not even focus on something we know we shouldn't want it ALWAYS just so happens, "coincidentally", to be that one something we cannot live without. Like YOU for example. I knew this guy. I speak to this guy. I fell for this guy. I got over this guy... somewhat. Im trying to convince myself that its not really a good time.. that were both focused on different things but everytime my phone vibrates.. a tiny part of me freezes and wishes its you... your screen name puts me a very quiet state. your status updates make my eyeballs rolls. and you comments... in my inbox when it says you wrote on my wall, "Like"d something or commented a picture- GOOD OR BAD, i smile. I can't help but watch you msn name go from green to gray, from busy to online. That little ducky thats been your default picture since the first day i met you annoys the living shit out of me. But if you would change it, i would feel compelled to ask therefore be afraid to get a " lol" or a simply "ok". That rubber ducky means something to me. It means you haven't changed, it means to me that youre still the same guy i always knew. and if you changed that picture... i dont know maybe im over-reacting. but i would feel as if you've moved on. Not that i dont want you to or stopping you, but perhaps the moving on will lead you to forgetting me. i cant help but wonder if i mean anything at all to you, if you mean the things you said. if i leave; would it bother you? or would you simply just give me the regular "ok"? But one things for sure, if the rubber ducky decides to switch baths, my water would not be very relaxing anymore.