Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Boy In Town

See there's this boy
He has this smile
He's kinda buff
He runs for miles

See there's this boy
He plays hard ball
Its not a game
If you don't fall

See there's this boy
He loves the chicks
He wanna get some
But he's no prick

See there's this boy
He likes my swag
He likes my looks
He likes my flag

See there's this boy
I kinda dig him
Short answers cut it
Even when im with him

See there's this boy
He kinda shy
but on the court
This boy is fly

See there's this boy
I have a hunch
He's kinda new
I'll treat him lunch

See there's this boy
He's not into "we"
But that will change
When he sees me

See there's this boy
I'll call him up
I'll let you know
If we hook up

Truth is...

All those walks along CV waiting for the bus
All those situations that all i ever wanted was your trust
Many times I'd look at you and your eyes that touched the sun
Our lips would always meet when we knew the day was done
Well truth is... What? You really thought I'd say I miss you?

There are memories that in my frame of mind i wish i could..
Erase, Bring back, Relive and defeat
but the only problem is they just keep making me weak
Ive never been the type of girl to sit around and just wait
And nearly half a year later this is still a debate...
Well truth is... What? You really thought I'd say i miss you?

I don't have the ego to admit that you're the one
Just like you, i won't admit that we agreed having a son
We're on the same terms talking, and admitting we had eachother
The only one who can still see it is your cute little brother
See truth is... What? You really thought I'd say I miss you?

Baby you GOTTA stop trying. You GOTTA stop runnin'
because if i could stop my tears from runnin' then you could end all of this frontin'.
Be true to your girl. stop playing with her mind
im telling you this cuz i was one of yours that you could- seek out and find
it really sucked to be the one that always gets hurt in the end
But Truth is.. what? you really think i'd say i miss you?

Up til now i've been strong not a single tear leaked
even if i knew in a crowd it was me you would seek
I would've stood by your side, i would've made you feel better
I could've sported your tshirt your hat or your sweater
And truth is... what? you really thought i'd say i miss you?

Today Im back to Independent and now it's safe to say
That word on the street is all the boys macking Rae..
The street don't say, but the street always know
that him and her will come back and grow
But Rae knows better, I know better to never ever take you back
She's sick of this shit, I'm sick of this shit it's a memory i lack
Because truth is ...i wouldn't want to miss you.