Friday, August 29, 2008

One Part II. the new words.

As i have mentioned before, you'll always be my numba one,
you said " ill love you forever, want you to mother my son".
There are a shit load of things that to me are so fake,
but for real so-called-bro, that was the tops of my cake.
You always gone, even now being where them Barbie's at,
And i want them to know you ain't for real-- thats a fact.
Boy I'm a winner, an all star, a record holder, it's my game,
but when you joined into play, you brought this champion to shame.
Really am a gold earning b*tch; i CAN admit i was beat;
And see now i aint crying boy, I'm on my own two feet!
Thought that i couldnt move one, that im done - aint the case;
Picked up, I ran far, and slappd you right in the face
I've touched the sky and the stars, then fell right back on cloud nine;
just like a trip to the moon- you gotta leave it behind.
For you I'd double the world, triple it even for love.
Thing is when i return it's you, her and a glove.
You always want what you cant have, but this time Imma stay real,
Maybe this time you'll awake and know just how i feel.
I'm glad you moved on, glad you're out cuz my hearts bled too much,
Tired of hearing you fuckin her, fuckin them, such and such.
But like i said baby boy youll always be my number one,
And wish someday you'll look at me and realize what you've done...

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