Friday, August 29, 2008


Cursor blinking on the screen, words are tangled in my head,
Can’t figure out what I did wrong, must’ve been something I said.
I try and try to let you go, try to think of something knew,
But I just can’t shake off these feelings that always lead right back to you.
Ed Hardy said that, “Love Kills Slowly” never knew quite what that meant,
Now I sit here in my chair with an “ I miss you” never sent.
I can’t eat right, I can’t think straight, doctor says it must be love,
I know he’s right, I can’t debate because for now, you’re all I’m thinking of.
Denying facts that I’m love struck, I know, will never do me good,
But I don’t wanna be the spotlight even if I know I could.
I push aside the times we had, and kisses I cannot regain,
And even if I could I know that they would never be the same.
When I say bro, you know it’s baby, but I really can’t confess,
Because I promised I would stay true to me, and surprise all of the rest.
Congratulations to you boy, you really found my inner weekness,
But I’m a champ, and knowing me, I know that I can sure get through this.

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