Monday, January 5, 2009

No Title

It's a new era baby, it's my time to shine
I don't need you anymore, this here's my stop sign.
I can't love you no more, it's been way too much time
And i'm not any type to be standing in line.

My place is above any, i don't have a category
I stand by myself, all alone and forgot you like Dory.
I don't need you to beg, cry your tears, say you're sorry,
because you'd look like a fag on the show they call Maury.

You can play all your games, you can make me look whipped
you can take out the bullet in my heart that you clipped
Cuz i'm done with you lies, and your love that i sipped,
Even if your love is so hard to admit.

I am not just some girl you can show to your boys
and i don't wanna be in ur collection of toys
cuz your shelf's getting cluttered, there's way too much noise
you were setting off my life, not makin it poised.

The term "us" i can't grasp, cuz it makes me feel dead
it makes me regret all the things that i said.
i used to think maybe we'd grow up and soon wed
but I did live my life, and forgot you instead.

There's no doubt that i could still catch your eye,
You still look at me as if I don't know your lies.
You're just waiting for me to break down and cry,
But I'm sorry young boy- you are just not that fly.

I love you my dear, and it's a shame you can't see
but i can't love you no more because of what you did to me.
if i go back, im stupid and most people agree
What you did overpowered what you've done for me.