Tuesday, April 7, 2009

it's a new day

Hey baby, don't you worry about a thing
don't you bother with that issue that's controlling everything.
Just bring it back to when you smiled, and take it back to sunny days
hey baby you're not going anywhere if you decide to gaze
It's a new day

The world is filled with opportunities and choices you could make
it's drenched in possibilities and feelings you don't have to fake
So stop it baby, your tears are worthless-just keep your head held high
tilt your chin up, lift your eyelids and reach up to the sky
It's a new day

Facebook won't get you anywhere if you think that's all you know
texting on your phone or keyboard just makes your life all the more slow
because when you look back at 17 a screen is all you'll ever see
there's not more meeting at the park its just simply watching tv
It's a new day

Wake up baby, you gotta change your childish ways
leave the past behind and look for better days
you can't keep revolving your life around anything but you
it's makes you look like a fool because you don't know what to do
It's a new day

Baby stare at all your options, inspect all of your choices
us kids today cannot just grasp the fact that we actually have voices.