Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life with Superman

You said to never be afraid, for you were always there
When you took me up into the sky the wind blew in my hair
I was taped into your arms, and floating on your feet
It was the fault of destiny that we were meant to meet.

You took me on a journey, around the world and back again
I never told a soul of the relationship we were in
Your identity was secret and i promised never to squeal
We didn't have to shake hands because our trust was never a deal

You were not only my hero, but you were liked by many more
Many women, who in this city, would give you anything- for sure.
I was stunned how you chose me, someone so innocent and kind
But in the end that's when i realized that i was truly blind.

I was your Lois, and as it goes, Superman had gone without goodbye
He flew of in another world, beyond our great blue sky.
Commitment was your kryptonite, and we almost beat it for good
Your stupid title of "Superman" really made me think you could

Now i know that there are no super heros, because you all are scared of us
How can you guys resent true love and not a speeding bus?
Superman comes and visits every now and then again
But to me, he's just another one of those stupid, worried, frightened men.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Compiling Tears with Raindrops

it's amazing how one soul could be drawn to another, how eyes reel in bate and attack it. That's how i feel when I'm around you. I hate you, and it's not to hard for me to say. I've never even come close to sharing such love with someone until you. I pictured myself with you far along the line, thinking we'd be for always.. but that's how we all think at this age-cleary. I was head over heels in trust with you that i could never imagine you hurting me. In any way possible, you would never do it. I was so blinded and now i feel like such a fool. Girls like me end up on Oprah, or Dr.Phil. I feel like one of them, when truly, i resent those idiots. I used to give advice to others like me, who were in love. Saying that it's fantastic and an incredible thing to have found, now i seem like a walking contradiction. "It doesn't exist at this age". i can repeat it a million times over and i know that i stand right. No matter what anyone says, i have felt the whip lash on my back with his words and actions that i don't feel any pain now. I guess, i should be thankful for that, but i feel empty... lost. I have no soul left... I hate the fact that you make me cry even if the tears never race down the rim of my frozen cheeks, i still feel liquid blind my sight because my vision is fogging up with tears. I don't sense fear, or pain, or forgiveness... I don't feel anything. The only throbbing aches i have are what's left of me, what you left behind. I should have known so much better than to believe you, but you're such a professional at manipulating me that i was ignorant. You claim to never have hurt me but trust me, you did. You cut me so many times that i got used to living with the wounds. I walk around trying to hide the scars you gave me, trying to find happiness. but it can never measure up to the happiness you brought me. I smiled EVERYDAY when i was with you. Every time the phone rang, every time i heard your name. Now everything is not as important anymore. Running away to a court, or a field is the only way i can forget because i concentrate on other things. Other "important" things. I escape the world that revolves around you so i could slowly, re find me. It's been at least a year and i should be back on track, but no matter how many poems i write about doing me, how many smiles i fake or how many times i say im fine, i really mean to say I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry i ever doubted myself.

Then. Now. Always.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrating 4:20 anyone?

ok. so here's my story of the day... After all that jazz abt smoking weed for "420" today i decided to take a look at why the f_ck people were doing this. i had always heard myths and stuff, but today i wanted to figure out what Wikipedia had to say about this joyous day... It all started when a bunch of rebellious teens got out of detention and gethered together loveling to smoke weed next to a statue. Detention symbolically, ended a 4:20 PM. So, every April 2oth is "420", basically just an excuse to be able to all smoke marijuana... I for one, did not. I have better things to do than come home high influencing my little sister. Besides, my report card came in the mail, i don't think that would've been too classy of me!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleep... Yeah that sounds good.

Hey there Owls!
It's not soo late here in easy-breezy Montreal but i feel tired. Weather's abnormally cool and beautiful. Quite a contrast from mucky snow and slush, but who's complaining?! It's Monday tomorrow, I'm dreading Monday....... But! On a positive note, NEW and IMPROVED Gossip Girl (get into it!) episode AND a hockey game. WHO TO SIDE WITH? aha well a true fan sticks behind her team... but, which one IS my team? :S decisions, decisions. Don't they haunt our days... Clearly. So. news... Miss Carolina? California? one of the two answered a question from Juicy Gossip Queen; Perez Hilton about gay marriages. I guess that was her card OUT of the beauty pageant. If you didn't put the pieces together, she professed her "well thought-out"answer by saying that she was against gay marriages. hey look, another team! geez louise, can life be difficult. Either standing up for what you believe in, which is what we all encourage, or going against your morals and family? which side to choose? I for one could never go against my own blood, but protesting to the world something that is the present century :S It's like announcing blue isn't blue anymore.. From your point of view that is. Hmm... decisions.
I'm off to bed to, hopefully, dream a dream that'll actually come true.

"What's right isn't always popular. What's popular isn't always right."



If only you could see today, and what my father really looked like
Passed the smiles and the laughs and the fact we look alike.
I can't blame you, you don't know the story and i should fear to even tell you,
because i'm scared of how you'd look at him as if his time was over-due.

Maybe if i let you in on my personal life, you'll see.
That from the moment we were born we were always meant to be.
In my mind it seems so perfect, and your name just goes with mine,
but when i wake up from that dream our names just never seem to rhyme...

I said you were in my cards, because at the time i felt so sure
but when you told me you had no time it's like i didn't even remember how we were.
You talk as if you want me and you even said you did
and it kills to even admit that you're just another kid

I confess i play that game, but you just can't seem to grasp the fact,
that if you actually push me to my extent there is no doubt i'll push you back.
I understand that ball is everything, and that i may not be worth your time
but then please stop making me look like a fool and messing with my mind...

Sex and the City

Props to Samantha Jones, she's gotta be my idol. I tossed the guy i like from "Favorites" to "Friends". He doesn't want anything? I'll leave it at that. There are more waiting in line that deserve my attention ;P Even though there might always be feelings for my Big, it's time i throw Carrie away and be Samantha. Every time i watch an episode i see exactly what i want, a successful, care-free, modern and INDEPENDENT woman. Next!