Friday, August 29, 2008


By request, i write for you & only you - so here's my text

Everytime i touch the keyboard, it's Razor Rae right at her best

This time around it's bout how great she is, an athlete i must say,

Fast as lightining, bullets, cars and trains-n she goes by Tbaybay

She may be short by look, but she's got a heart of gold,

If this were poker, she'd be an ace, so you might aswell just fold.

i can count on her today, tomorrow any time of night,

When i need her by my side, she'll be there quicker than the speed of light.

She's a friend that must be kept, and never left alone ,

And when i absolutly need a laugh, i just pick up the phone

T for Trouble I for an eye A for Aspiration baby

No fumble football, no miss a 3' - its game time , never lazy

Pumping blood to catch the bus to meet her girles at the Petro

When she really could just call us up and meet us at the metro.

She can be foolish, stupid, dull and sometimes even dumb& dense

But when she tries to mend a broken heart, she always does make sense...

*iloveme some Tbaybay n whaa? "

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