Friday, August 29, 2008

BDizzy aka The Legend

This Legend walks the halls, this Legend walks the hood’
But these chicks that roam ‘bout will never know-him like I could’
He’s got the swag, he’s got the voice, he’s got the fire in his eyes,
And damn the words he preaches bout’ got them boys in surprise’
He drops the beat like a bomb and wishes only for hope,
He don’ the math, he don’ the sports but don’t go near that shit dope’
He cuts the music so hard, like Lebron cuts the key,
And babe between you and me he’ll shine someday on TV’
He hides the talent behind smiles, but when the hymns start to blare’
He’s ready out on the mic rappin’ words with no care’
No care bout’ what they think’ no care bout’ what they say,
They way that this boy’s goin’ shit he’ll be rappin’ all day’
He got the smarts in the books he got the smarts in the streets’
You watch him’ ten years from now he’ll be cre-atin’ more heat;
“Sign here n sign there” is what the papers will date;
but really deep down within he signed that contract at 8’
He got the girls by his side, and the boys by his back’
Cuz he won’t turn round if they’re all in a scarp;
To me he’s strong and he’s young-
at heart and at soul;
And makin music to him means makin’ him in control;
To me This Legend is hype to me this Legend is fame;
And I hope you all know that he brings haters to shame.

Rae <3’s The Legend *

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