Sunday, April 26, 2009

There are other fish in the sea...

There once was this fisherman. A professional who lived at sea becoming a legend with the amounts of fish he caught. Every day the fisherman brought in dozens of new fish and showed off his pride. It was incredible how amazing he was at catching fish, any shape, any size and any color. It was as if marine life was magnetically attracted to the fisherman. Until one day, the most beautiful fish the fisherman had ever seen swam alongside of his boat. He observed it for a while, but didn't immediately capture it. This fish was different, its shiny scales glistened in the reflection of the sun. It was elegant and full of life, somehow this fish caught the professional's eye within seconds. It was like nothing he had ever seen! He was memorized and so, he had to have this prize. He reeled out his fishing rod waiting for the magnificent creature to take in the bate. It was easier than he thought... Suddenly, the magical cold blooded mortal jumped out of the water showing the fisherman its true colors. When the fisherman had seen this, he was shocked. He was so unimpressed with how different the fish looked like out of the water! Its scales that were once shiny and flawless were now bold and common. His soul was in such awe that he was blind to the wipe lashing coming from the beasts tail. Every leap it got, it hurt the fisherman is some way. The fish tugged on the rod so that the string would cut the fisherman's hands... The fisherman let lose of this demon and sat in his bloody boat preparing to go back to shore. When he arrived everyone stared at him. Once a young, strong, amazing fisherman now looked like a defeated being. Eyes were stunned at the scars. The poor fisherman didn't return to sea for a while, scared of other controversial, hypocritical fish that he once had barely escaped. It took him a very long time to decide to go back. He realized that there will always be that rotten one that everyone will try to capture, but eventually open their eyes to accept the mistake of their catch- and set it back to its dangerous habitat.

Months later, after the tragedy had somewhat healed, the revitalized fisherman set out into the sunset in very familiar waters. He had been testing the seas and got tired, so took a break and sailed to the place where he first had started. Patiently, he waited for fish to come to him as they once did and surely, one innocent, quiet fish took a tug onto the fishing rod. The fisherman got excited. Having a new fish yank at his rod was always a glimpse of happiness. He was so sure to have caught the sage and blameless creature that he towed the rod out of the calm water. Nothing... He looked again into the blue abyss and stared at the fish, who was innocently swimming up and down the fisherman's boat. It was as if the fish were "teasing" the fisherman. Again, the smart fisherman reeled the bate into the water and again he felt the tug. He pulled the fishing rod quickly out of the water having sworn to have caught it! but, just as before there laid only a hook at the end of the string.

Puzzled by the mannerisms of this peculiar being, he studied it for a while until he decided to let the fish be . He was done playing games, trying to capture it when it didn't want to be. So, he sailed his boat to another part of the water. Quietly he sat. The sun was beggining to set and thoughts of the past were beginning to haunt the poor, reckless fisherman until there was a tug on his rod. To his surprise it was the same cold blooded animal that was teasing him before! The fisherman smiled at what he decided to be his personal clown fish. He let swim the funny fish, and came to the conclusion that if one day that fish would want to be captured, then it knew exactly whom to go to. But for now, the fisherman knew that there are plenty more fish in the sea.