Saturday, May 9, 2009


Alright, so i wanted to write up a blog last night after Marley* and me but i fell asleep... I didn't get to finish my movie again! lol i was really looking forward to it.... it's a really cute movie about a couple who has this outrageous dog named Marley... it's really sweet. So it's Mother's day. I haven't really seen my mother today actually; she was at the church helping to set up for the first communion at my church tomorrow. She does so much and i do nothing... i feel really terrible. its not like im never home because im always hanging out with friends, i just have sports everyday. She's always cleaning up or running around to get things done. She has such a beautiful and kind heart. I'm very, very lucky. So just a shout out to any mother! Happy Mothers day! lord knows you all deserve it!

Today, i cleaned up my room. Mostly; i cleaned out my drawers. I cannot fold for the life of me! i had a crash course from a 10-year-old... it was close to ridiculous.. anyways, kind of crappy weather. Tonight is kidz club awards... yawn*

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a mini check up!

Heyy heyy heyy! I just felt like writting in because it's been a while... I'm SO exhausted. what a week. I had something everyday afterschool. Whether it be football or studying or WORK. it's terrible. i hate it! The people are so rude.not only to me but the customers. Its ridiculous and embarassing. I cannot do it.... I understand its work, and i wanna make the best of it. I need cash! lol this summer is going to be fucking hell... HELP..............i was so looking forward to this.

Ummm football seasons doing well! 3-0-1. we won today, 20 nothing i think it was. My arm is really really sore. Nikki's nose is bleeding and shes been sick for a week... great. f-in great... Oh well Mothers day is this weekend here in beauty Montreal! Happy mothers day to all mothers (: hopefully over 16... but anyhow a mother is a mother. maybe ill write an entry about that. Im gonna go watch Marly and Me with Nikki. so adorable :) Marly.. not NIKKI lol just foolin'.



Monday, May 4, 2009

Charles Bass

GOSSIP GIRL CONTROVERSY: URGENT MESSAGE! what is going on! Chuck please tell Blair how you feel so we can all get back into our seats. thank you... i love you deeply. always.

the most beautiful place

As my golden brown body lay upon the shimmering diamond sand, i relax into a deep slumber. i feel the soft and patient wind rolling up the seemingly aqua blue waves and suddenly it caresses my toned cheekbones. it carries crystals of sand and tiny seashells together, forming a long silky ribbon that greatly accessorizes the impeccable day it has become. Although the vicious tides roar along side the shallow shore, the sound of my surrounding is silent. Majestic birds bat their wings and cheerfully sing me to sleep. I am now frozen in my fantasy...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


From everyone, i know you'll be getting a blessing. "It's your special day, and you should celebrate it!", but i dont think i have that kind of heart... Of course, you'll be on my mind tomorrow. Your kisses will be at the back of my memory and the smile you had when i gave you your gift will scar me forever but i cannot find the good in me to wish you a happy birthday. It will be just as easy for me to shut my mouth tomorrow as it was for you to creep behind my back. I don't believe you when you said it's hard to let go of something that was so strong. You said it, i didn't. I want you to think about why i haven't said anything to you. I want you to sit there across the hall from me, and watch me like you always do WONDERING why the fuck i didn't give you permission to enjoy your day. Truth is, i want you to suffer as much as i did- as long as i am. I don't want to hear your laugh tomorrow, i don't want to see you even glance at me the slightest bit and i don't want to hear you speak louder like you always do to get me to notice you again... My little sister remembered your birthday today, i wish you knew that. I wish you knew that you're the only boyfriend she liked and remembered everything. I wish you knew that she cried with me when you left, wondering who was gonna teach her to rid her bike. Don't worry, i did that. I WISH you knew she teared today- because she knew you were'nt coming back... Do you see? Do you see what you've done? SHE LOVES YOU. and i... well i loved you...

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The song I've always wanted you to hear...

What's up? I know we haven't spoken for a while... But i was thinking bout you- and it kinda made me smile.So many things to say, so i gotta put it in a letter, thought it might be easier... the words might come out better. How's your mother? How's your little brother? does he still look just like you? :P
So many things i wanna know the answers too. Excuse me, i really didnt mean to ramble on, but there's alot of feelings that remain since you've been gone. I guess you thought that i would've put it all behind me but it seems theres always something there to remind me. Like a silly joke or something on the tv- boy it aint easy! And when i hear our song i get that same old feeling... Did u kno i kept all of ur pictures? didnt have the strength to part with them yet. I tried to erase the way your kisses taste- but theres some things a girl just never forgets...
Wish i could press rewind, and re-write every line; to the story of me and you...Don't you know i tried and i tried to get you off my mind, but it don't get no better as each day goes by. And im lost and confused i got nothing to lose...

hope to hear from you soon,
P.S i'm still not over you...