Friday, August 29, 2008

One. the early words.

When I look into your eyes I know this is for real;
Cause when we 1st said I love you, I knew we sealed the deal.
When we said our first hello and waved our last goodbye;
I knew that in the end this could never be a lie.
When you squish my tiny face, and hold my body close;
And then whisper in my ear, “ You’re the girl that I love most”.
When I stare up at the moon, I know you’re looking too;
And when I sound right down and tired you know exactly what to do.
When I lie down in my bed and try to fall asleep;
I pray it’s you that’s calling and not some stuck up creep.
When we’re in a brawl or fight, you know I’m always crushed;
Cause of all the words you say to me that always make me blush.
When your compliments come naturally it makes me wanna die;
Cause it always makes me wonder if you’ll ever say goodbye.
But now I know that all is good, and the battles always won;
Because baby without you and I am hardly even one…

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