Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I feel so smart & talented when i share my facts with Michael.

I really wish someday that we could ride a motorcycle.

My hair would quiver in the wind and my seatbelt tightened down.

We'd ride into the sunset and cross over our little town

On the way i'd tell him fables and the stories of my past

Because i know that he would listen, and i know i'd make him laugh.

We'd stop by a little shack and get a bite to eat

and then we'd get thrown out because Mikey was bouncing on the seat.

He also insulted the cook because he made his french fries touch

The cook got mad and yellled at him and said he didnt give a fuck.

Big Mike got scared cuz the chef was black as night

So we ran out of the bar, hopped on the bike and out of sight.