Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dreams are wishes your heart makes...♥

A picture's worth a thousand words,
Even more if you and i.
I wanna lie down by your side,
and see the twinkle in your eye...

I'd kiss you on the cheek,
and you'd promise me forever
I know my heart would never leak
As long as we're together.

Line by line we'd sing a song,
We'd keep a tempo and a rhythm.
In his heart's where i belong,
I cannot live if i'm not with him.

Our heartbeats beat the same,
and our eyes will always glisten.
I love it when he calls my name,
it makes me always wanna listen.

Despite the faces i will meet,
Neglect the kisses i will get,
No one can replace you and your seat,
The one you earned when we first met.

As i move on day by day,
Not one goes past without the thought.
My heart was molded like a piece a clay,
Got hard and shattered like a rock.

I miss the moments that we shared,
I miss the laughter and your smile.
I miss the nights that i was scared,
I miss your digits that i'd dial.

I can't resist always referring,
To the good old times we had.
In my mind, the love is stirring,
And yet it never makes me sad.

Some people think it's really past,
and at the moment they are right.
But i can see it; us at last
I dream about it every night.

There is no life without my soul,
and right now it's far away.
But he will come and fill the hole
That's when I'll know he's there to stay.

Crime Scene Investigation

Havent written in a while
Guess its time to spill some thought
Put away the whole love file
Case is closed, assassin caught
Feel like an over worked detective
Spent to much time on one tough crime
Analyzed the same elective
Just pain, no money for overtime
Took out my pad and started jotting
All the missions up for grabs
Started searching, started spotting
All the clues I knew I had
So now this over worked investigator
Can finally take rest.
I’ll look at the prospects later,
Cuz they’ll be lined up at my desk *