Friday, July 17, 2009

Windows Live Hotmail ?

so apparently you can log onto blogspot from anywhere and any site. Exibit A = Windows Live Hotmail Just a right click, press the blogger link and here we have it! amazing isn't it? what technology has to prove...

Today, im home again. SICK. i hope i dont have H1N1. that would suck. but im feeling better. just a bit dizzy and i still have my cough. mom is making me clean things. i dont know how she doesnt see me struggling lol but anyways. thats how mom's are arent they.. wtv i'll survive. Ottawa this weekend and FINALLY NYC with AK next week! im so extatic. outfits are planned and everything... a couple of sundresses, shoes, heels, evening casualties. you know- the works. It's going to be just fabulous. Well, anyway I'll be by shortly... Undercover.