Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Quarrel

I wasnt looking for this-for the trouble in your eyes.
I'm sorry if i killed a couple of butterflies...
I love you and thats all there is to it.
I cant tell you how much, i just cannot do it.
To me, your perfection and an angel at heart
Its killing me softly, the time were apart.
My passion is strong and my head is exploding
The trigger went off before it was loading...
Maybe it was me, maybe it was you
but whoever it was, it fucked up for true.
i hated the words but mostly the feeling.
my heart was pounding but i held back the tearing
It was stupid and foolish, i cant even tell you why
but its been pacing my mind, just walking by.
I dont know what happened, i dont know what to say
but i need to with you at the end of the day...
i feel that its there, the tension of the forenight
and im a survivor from our first but not last fight...



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