Friday, January 1, 2010

Twenty- Ten

Sitting here, on the little cousins couch watching Beatles rockband- just thinking. Thats why im here atm. I dont remember much about last night, or this morning really. All i really remember is "chasing after a giant cat" in the streets of Vaudreuil at 5 AM. We didnt sleep really, and if we did it was well after 7 o'clock in the morning. Felt kind of dizzy this morning, with the daze of the new year. For me, it certainly does feel like a new begining, well continuation. I want to proceed with this year just like the last, only better. I want to take what i learn and it it to use in any and every opportunity. I got a man, a great one. Who i want to be with this this year... as strong as ever. My grades are exceeding, and i plan on maintaining that high. My friends are always there... and I only hope for them to stay. I have a giving and humble family which i am very grateful for. I have a life that is perfect in everyway. A life itself is good enough right?
New Years Resolution: Continue what I'm doing. Continue WHO i'm doing lol. Continue to be positive. Continue to never settle for good, go for the great.

Happy New Year to All!



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