Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last entry of the 09'!

With just 4 hours left of 2009 i start to reflect on this past year. I must say im fucking proud. A lot of things happened this year, but mostly strong and independent moments... This year i have not cried for a guy and i dont regret anything. I went to parties that were unforgettable, ive spent time with my girls that build on the memories and i've experienced many relationships. I learned from everyone, taking the advice towards my futur. 2009 was that year for me, it was an amazing year. It taught me how to control things, how to stay focused and how to get over the little things. I altered myself, i changed my mind set and therefore changed myself. With this, i went on to winning a banner. I went on to finish with a 91% average and winning a scholarship and at the moment, am in the midst of an incredible relationship. I loved the year thats past. so many memories, great music/movies... im most proud of my accomplishments and my attitude. I've risen above everything that happened. I brought bitch to the table and although people have turned away or may not like it, its what got me here. strong and independent. and with the new attitude ive adapted, ive landed me a helluva team, a boominggg group of girls, a progressing body and a helllllllllll of a man. So cheers! 20-10 willl be EXCEPTIONNEL BABY!
here are some pics of the year 09!



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