Monday, May 18, 2009

3 Oh My God's

Hey bloggers. Hope you all enjoyed your long weekends. I certainly did. I have 3 statements to express in this post that shocked me this weekend.
1. Charice Pempengco: YOU GO GIRL! Pinoy pride... For all of you readers out there who don't know who this young filipina is, please... watch this video. She is what 14 now? She has ALREADY sang with Andrea Bocelli, belted out along side David Foster and last but certainly not least- Celine Dion. She comes from a very poor family in the Philipinnes yet still accomplished her dreammss. How? Youtube my friends. This is why she is featured as my Hero of the day. Take a look.
Her new, first ever single- If I wrote a note to God. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!

2.Charles Bass. 2 seasons and 43 episodes later... Those 3 final words seeped out of your mouth... I cried. My stomach bubbled. I felt the love. I replayed the last scene 3 times and had goosebumps :) Je t'aime Charles Bass... Adieu until August 31st!

3. Notice how i write in purple... lol (lakers)Im disappointed in the Celtics! I really thought... but oh well Orlando is the better team. Its just so much more interesting with Boston being in the finals... So. I predict Cavaliers and Lakers in the finals... Kobe vs Lebronn * the series of the century.

I've been raised a Lakers fan, but i dont know. Lebronn is my mann... Luck to both. and the Love of course... have a great week! God Bless AND OH. CHECK OUT THAT LINK!! I'M TELLING YOU!

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