Saturday, May 23, 2009

the love of the theater

Hello bloggers :)
Tonight, i am attending M's theater show. She's playing the role of a hooker- and says its really funny. So, i'm looking forward to it. I kinda feel like shit because T.O.M came and visited. I'm not too fond of him. he's annoying and always comes at the wrong time. lol Ladies, i hope we can relate to Tom. lol anywhoodles, i'm at T's house just now and we finshed sorting through her tones of millions of earrings. We figured out that the guys who were here yesterday STOLE a bundle of them and shes really pissed, then again who wouldnt be? I mean you invite yourself over number 1, you barge in and act all rude expecting food number 2 AND WHEN WE KICK YOU OUT, they get all bitchy and steal stuff? uh no. not floating my boat. Guess who was one of the assholes who took them? Yep, Him.

Last night, we experienced 3 groups of different backgrounds came to T's house at different times. Honestly, i thought it was amazing to see how guys from different countries act around girls. We had the negros, the mexican/colombians Manuel and Alberto who've been in Canada for a year and "Aaron and Taso" lol who were greek. They all stopped by for about 2 hours each, and it was so cool to see our (us girls) mood changes from group to group. The 1st group we knew very well. We went to school with them, but they were the ones who were super rude and stole stuff and created a whole bordello. The 2nd group was G's new boyfriend. They met at the gym and he's only lived here for a year now. He came form colombia and he brought his friend Alberto over. They were SO nice. It was their first time meeting G's best friends and they really gave us a good first impression. L, P, TB, T and I were very impressed. The next greco group was TB's beau. Shes "seeing him". At first him and his friend Taso Laso came off rough, but eventually they warmed up...

It was kinda boring last night, but being together was all that mattered. We enjoy eachothers company despite out COMPLETE differences. Anyway, L P T and me are meeting to go see M's show... I'll be back with an update about the show later. And... pictures:)


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