Thursday, May 21, 2009

a day in the life of...

OK! So this crazy girl and i worked 3 classes intensively on our power point presentation on interior designing... all for what? 2 minutes of our teachers time. He looked at it and just graded... wtf? well whatever. its how this new reform class works. This, bloggiez is how we spent all __ classes: fucking around. Feeling good today. DESPITE whata helluva week it's been. backstabbing, jumping to conclusions, ignoring, beating up, robbing... High school. 7 days left! Ah it looks great outside. Take a look....
from the 3rd floor of my school... Sorry if it kinda looks shitty but to me... its beautiful!
Congrats to Kris Allen btw, the new American Idol. Congrats to Adam Lambert as well. Kudos anyhow.

have a great day!

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