Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love and....

So, i was given a handout at school last week. I found in on my floor... typical. I actually read it.

" we use the word 'love' frequently when we speak, but we do not always mean the same thing by it". I sat on my bed and thought, " today, i said i loved... last nights episode of Gossip girl. I love sleeping. I love winning. I love the Five Alive Peach juice that my sister drank. I love the ringtone my friend had ( you know the Me So Horny! one from Disturbia?) " i loved ALOT of things today... but apparently, there are 4 TYPES of love... Agape Storge Philos and

Agape:concern of the well-being of others... Ok so volunteers... (not You...)
Storge: the sort of love towards places or things... Ok so potatoes... (still not You...)
Philos: The kind of love that is expressed in friendships. those close to us... Ok so family... (Nope. You're nothing!)

and then... Eros.

: the love that is based on physical attraction that people feel for one another. it is the state of 'falling in love'. It is based on sexual affection/passion... (definetly, You...)

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