Saturday, May 9, 2009


Alright, so i wanted to write up a blog last night after Marley* and me but i fell asleep... I didn't get to finish my movie again! lol i was really looking forward to it.... it's a really cute movie about a couple who has this outrageous dog named Marley... it's really sweet. So it's Mother's day. I haven't really seen my mother today actually; she was at the church helping to set up for the first communion at my church tomorrow. She does so much and i do nothing... i feel really terrible. its not like im never home because im always hanging out with friends, i just have sports everyday. She's always cleaning up or running around to get things done. She has such a beautiful and kind heart. I'm very, very lucky. So just a shout out to any mother! Happy Mothers day! lord knows you all deserve it!

Today, i cleaned up my room. Mostly; i cleaned out my drawers. I cannot fold for the life of me! i had a crash course from a 10-year-old... it was close to ridiculous.. anyways, kind of crappy weather. Tonight is kidz club awards... yawn*

Ciao Blitz

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