Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a mini check up!

Heyy heyy heyy! I just felt like writting in because it's been a while... I'm SO exhausted. what a week. I had something everyday afterschool. Whether it be football or studying or WORK. it's terrible. i hate it! The people are so rude.not only to me but the customers. Its ridiculous and embarassing. I cannot do it.... I understand its work, and i wanna make the best of it. I need cash! lol this summer is going to be fucking hell... HELP..............i was so looking forward to this.

Ummm football seasons doing well! 3-0-1. we won today, 20 nothing i think it was. My arm is really really sore. Nikki's nose is bleeding and shes been sick for a week... great. f-in great... Oh well Mothers day is this weekend here in beauty Montreal! Happy mothers day to all mothers (: hopefully over 16... but anyhow a mother is a mother. maybe ill write an entry about that. Im gonna go watch Marly and Me with Nikki. so adorable :) Marly.. not NIKKI lol just foolin'.



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