Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life with Superman

You said to never be afraid, for you were always there
When you took me up into the sky the wind blew in my hair
I was taped into your arms, and floating on your feet
It was the fault of destiny that we were meant to meet.

You took me on a journey, around the world and back again
I never told a soul of the relationship we were in
Your identity was secret and i promised never to squeal
We didn't have to shake hands because our trust was never a deal

You were not only my hero, but you were liked by many more
Many women, who in this city, would give you anything- for sure.
I was stunned how you chose me, someone so innocent and kind
But in the end that's when i realized that i was truly blind.

I was your Lois, and as it goes, Superman had gone without goodbye
He flew of in another world, beyond our great blue sky.
Commitment was your kryptonite, and we almost beat it for good
Your stupid title of "Superman" really made me think you could

Now i know that there are no super heros, because you all are scared of us
How can you guys resent true love and not a speeding bus?
Superman comes and visits every now and then again
But to me, he's just another one of those stupid, worried, frightened men.

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