Monday, April 20, 2009

Celebrating 4:20 anyone?

ok. so here's my story of the day... After all that jazz abt smoking weed for "420" today i decided to take a look at why the f_ck people were doing this. i had always heard myths and stuff, but today i wanted to figure out what Wikipedia had to say about this joyous day... It all started when a bunch of rebellious teens got out of detention and gethered together loveling to smoke weed next to a statue. Detention symbolically, ended a 4:20 PM. So, every April 2oth is "420", basically just an excuse to be able to all smoke marijuana... I for one, did not. I have better things to do than come home high influencing my little sister. Besides, my report card came in the mail, i don't think that would've been too classy of me!


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