Sunday, April 19, 2009


If only you could see today, and what my father really looked like
Passed the smiles and the laughs and the fact we look alike.
I can't blame you, you don't know the story and i should fear to even tell you,
because i'm scared of how you'd look at him as if his time was over-due.

Maybe if i let you in on my personal life, you'll see.
That from the moment we were born we were always meant to be.
In my mind it seems so perfect, and your name just goes with mine,
but when i wake up from that dream our names just never seem to rhyme...

I said you were in my cards, because at the time i felt so sure
but when you told me you had no time it's like i didn't even remember how we were.
You talk as if you want me and you even said you did
and it kills to even admit that you're just another kid

I confess i play that game, but you just can't seem to grasp the fact,
that if you actually push me to my extent there is no doubt i'll push you back.
I understand that ball is everything, and that i may not be worth your time
but then please stop making me look like a fool and messing with my mind...

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