Friday, January 15, 2010

Here's to friday nights of reminiscing!

Along the edge of the world, when things seem to be crumbling off the side- I'll stand by you.
Face flat against the pavement, trying to regain balance on your feet- I'll help you.
Broken hearted, for the distance apart from everything is too much to handle- I'll fix you.
Upset because you think your all isn't good enough for anyone- I'll remind you.
On the verge of giving up everything for the sake of coming home -I'll encourage you.
When the feelings of sadness and jealousy creep into your mind- I'll reassure you.
During times of separation that may lead to unexpected events- I'll trust you.
When the uproars of people start, and try to ruin our love- I'll defend you.
Crossing streets with girls silently screaming for your attention- I'll take hold of you.
Holding your face between my hands and looking into your beautiful eyes -I'll kiss you.
Looking at you making a complete fool of yourself and not caring- I'll accept you.
Silently looking down at the floor because you had a bad day- I'll smile at you.
Not telling me something for the sake of keeping your word- I'll respect you.
Struggling to do or not to do for the sake of injury- I'll take care of you.
As you reach for your dreams until you've attained them- I'll support you.
Doubting yourself, and filling your head with negativity- I'll surround you.
Failing to understand aspects of life and the obstacles being thrown at you- I'll guide you.
Not being able to learn and read the words being said to you- I'll teach you.
Having trouble comprehending the truth in my eyes- I'll tell you.
Losing yourself in the midst of fame and expectations- I'll find you.
Suffering from independence and lack of physical love- I'll rescue you.
Leaving the past and walking into the bright lights of our future- I'll follow you.
Separated by miles or hours that may prevent communication between us- I'll wait for you.
Isolated in an environment that has been and is your dream-I'll think of you.
When the stakes are high and you cannot reach them and think the end is near- I'll believe in you.
And when times arise where you might hate yourself, the world, and the situation surrounding you- I'll love you. For better and for worse. I'll never give up on you.

Because I am You.



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