Thursday, January 14, 2010


You're mind blowing, and outstandingly beautiful haha.
As time goes on,you get older and more gorgeous every time i see you.
this is wrong, on so many levels. but i never got the chance to write about you.
truthfully, i haven't even had the time to think of you.
but i stumbled on your page today. No mistake...
Ive seen you look like a man, and i notice you still remain "faithful".
Well, thats only what i see.
I hear you got a tattoo, dont know what its of though.
I'd like to see it. I wouldn't mind running into you...
i never got what i wanted from you. and its been... 6 years.
We're old enough i know, but its too late.
I won't lie and say i dont miss you. i do... i'll never forget what we had that summer.
that one summer that changed everything.
Its CRAZY how connections are made when we meet.
But we know better. I know better.

Just wanted to mention that you're beautiful... that is all



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