Sunday, July 25, 2010

Still an unbreakable bond

"Young love", is what my mother tells me every time i hang up the phone. "Young love", is what she says when i blush at the thought of him. It is young love, and we all know it is the greatest feeling in the world. Those first months of loving someone, ACTUALLY being in love with someone. Clicking through my memoirs, ive loved. But to be IN love... no. Not like this. Can someone tell me if this is true? Comment on my comments about this relationship and tell me if its real...

*i cherish a kiss on the forehead more than any other kiss he gives me
*i still get butterflies every time we kiss
*i fall in love all over again every time he looks at me
*i feel so comfortable around him i can even shave my armpits...
*i can laugh by myself and know hes smiling
*i'm able to be myself, my true and stupid, over analytical self with him
*i never stop thinking about him
*i zone out just thinking about him and our future
*whenever i watch romantic movies i put us in their shoes and wonder what we would do in that situation
*i never have to wonder if hes cheating, i trust him with everything
*i get this physically painful feeling in my stomach at the thought of him leaving or when we argue

Could this feeling really be those expiration date, trigger happy hormones my brain is releasing in over dose quantities? or could this really be an everlasting love?

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