Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No matter what

As i look back on what seemed like a millennium ago, i see that people really do grow and change. Working where i work, you realize how quickly time passes and how fast people grow. Sometimes, the calm kids become the annoying ones. Sometimes the head aches become the leaders of the group... No one can stay in one state forever. There are obstacles in life that make you stronger, weaker, nicer or even pessimistic. But with those obstacles that we have yet to accept, there comes a slight change. A change that chisels away the old you and shapes you into the new you. We are in a CONSTANT changing stage. For example, when you were 4 your favorite color was yellow. When you were 5 your favorite color was green because Hilary Duff's favorite color was green... These phases that we go through, these heartbreaks that we face and these battles that we fight are molding us into the human being we are meant to be. Its not because you're afraid of the color yellow, its not because you dont care for the color yellow... you just took a better interest in green. Just remember that it took the yellow to make the green. Just remember that your past makes you who you are. It will happen that you will hurt people on your way to becoming who youre meant to become... but that hurt will only be helping the other person to shape his or herself into who theyre supposed to be. A domino effect. Dont be mad at people because they are changing, because really you should be thankful because they're changing you as well... "but i dont like change", "but i dont wanna change- thats nice but its inevitable. If its not now, it will be tomorrow.

Yesterday i was a social butterfly. Always wanting to be at every party, thinking I SHOULD be there, i NEED to be there. Yesterday i didnt cry over situations, i kept it bottled in. Yesterday I set an example. I was a good girl, good rep. Yesterday I was single. Yesterday my dream was to play volleyball forever. Yesterday my favorite singer was Britney Spears. Yesterday i felt like my reputation was everything. Yesterday, I didnt know it was yesterday.... Something took place in all of these changes. I made mistakes. I learned, i realized. I focused. I took the time to look at myself, to look at my life and my futur. I cleaned out my closet of all the outfits that brought drama to my life. I discovered a whole other side of me that i absolutly adore. I fell in love...

Today, i dont care what people have to say about me and how im living my life. Today, i pay no mind as to what i have to PROVE. Today, i realize that i can help others by being myself... Today, i know that winning isnt everything, that losing teaches you just as much as succeeding. Today, i take advantage of the fact that i can have everything i want- by working hard. Today, i cry for the sake of relieving my soul. Today, i have a love thats greater than i could ever have imagined... Today, Britney Spears has evolved as well, and with that being said so has my liking to her & her music lol... Today i wake up in the morning, not thinking about what and who i dont have in my life.. but who i do. I think about the fact that everything happens for a reason. That people grow! That people change! That "we are the change that we seek"! There isnt a map or manual telling us who will come into our lives and who will leave. Evolving is natural. So dont be upset that things are changing in your life, because by you changing, you are helping so many other people find themselves as well...


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