Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hibernation over

Well, I'm back. Not that anyone would notice but I feel welcomed for some odd reason. I renovated my page as you can see, blogspot has UPDATED and UPGRADED itself, mazeltov! My last post was... oh my January 21st! What a drought! It is July 25th. My school year was topsy-turvy. I start again in a month.. The end of an era, a huge 5 year era... Who knew it would pass by so quickly? I'm just going to skip right over that scoop of 7 months and head straight for now.

Summer is here. It hasn't been very busy, just heat waves, new UV records, a bundle of clothes from moms new work, NEW MONEY rolling in and crazy kids running around all day making my summer a VERY hectic and tiring one. Summer camp is a great job though, it teaches you a lot of things, patience being the absolute priority. Here's some interesting news, Bonita has reappeared in the picture. Although i am completely and utterly over the whole latino getaway, i cant help but remember what was whenever i look at him. He loves to bring up the past and reminisce, expecting me blurt out those 3 words that mean nothing to him. He likes to play around, sorry! I've got a wonderful beautiful man... hes not worth it. I prefer my all day everyday, all inclusive Jamaican getaway than a latin island i always seem to visit. It lures you in but turns out to be infested with fake attributes that you don't see in the brochure...

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