Friday, June 12, 2009

Your one and only source of Manhattan's Elite!

Ladies and Gents. Do i have some new for you! I just got an invitation via mail from my mom and aunt that me and my best friend since birth are going to New York City for our sixteenth birthday! It's going to be AMAZING. perfect outfit, shopping, living the life of an upper east sider. AND to put the cherry on the cake, seeing at my aunt is friends with someone who knows Al Pacino, we might be staying there :) How crazy is that? I really hope everything works out right. I mean NYC is official but ScarFace isn't for sure. So, i'm not gonna count my chikitas before the hatch you know ;) but i reallllyy really pray for it. I used my worry doll last night. For he first time since my dad's opperation. Here are my outcomes.

I did well on my exam, Lakers won AND they were even trailing, Mr.Big spoke to me on the phone and texted me last night its been forever, Soldier and I spoke and we had great weather today for our pool party at G's. One of the girls got a little carried away with the smirnoff :S so we all had to take care of her fucking ass and bring her home. it was hell. I had a coupld of shots but I'm completly fine. It's not very lady like, but wtv. I love being in control of myself and i hate it when i cannot focus on what im doing, so. im pretty safe for now . Blair = IDOL <3 LOL

anyway, enjoy the weekend

you know you love me


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