Wednesday, June 10, 2009



BLACK MAMBA vs. Superman

Dwight Howard going for the free throw. Such a handsome man... He's an outstanding player, this years defensive player. A great accomplishment getting this far from the pits. The underdogs going into the series and coming out strong defeating the defending champs Celtics and NBA's All star player of o8-o9 Lebron King James. Big ups, big shots, big dunks, big game, big guns and big heart! Mighty fine on and off the court ;) Love to you Dwight Howard aka my Superman.Look how fly he is! Gucci bag and pink shirt... pure freshness... i love dwight and i got alot of respesct for Magic cuz it's not easy. No one said it was easy. And now that they got Lakers to beat? I don't think so. Sorry boys but Lakers are my team. 2-4 ON MY SHIRT. (check out video, Kobe by weezy)***************************** Now now now drumroll. Los Angeles lakers. Nothing wrong with Kobe Going for 4th ring you know? haha No doubt tied at the top of the game with King. If not better. Kobe Bryant is unforgivably the best player in the game today. He will defend your best player. He will score more than your entire team. Put him on 5-1 and he will win. There is no one who compares to the passion and skill of this man. He is the G.O.A.T. Kareem, MJ, Dr.Jay, Shaq, Lebron.. man the list goes- but it ends with KB. They will win this series i guarantee. They are ready to claim the trophy.They turned off the Jazz. They blew up the Rockets. They ate the Nuggets. Now they gonna make Magic disappear.Been an All star. Been a Champion. Free throw line, you hear em' chanting "M-V-P! M-V-P!" Kobe Bryant Mr Envy-Me.

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