Sunday, April 12, 2009


The bond that's thicker than tape,
The liquid that 's thicker than water.
Blood is what keeps us together
Whether it's here or there.

We might live apart,
but we care just as strong.
It's a passion that is formed in an oyster,
and came out a Pearl.

It's where the tree was planted,
and now it's vines surpass the rough ocean.
They tentacle onto dry land and sew more seeds.
We're all cut from the same cloth.

In this snowy land, there is a leader
the father of our family.
Bombs and piecing bullets didn't stop him there
that's where the determination of one made many.

Blood is thicker than water,
and this is fact from fiction.
There's been disputes but we love as one
As a whole, a complete body.

From coast to coast we spread the love and generosity
From sea to sea we share the same smile and qualities
I look at her and she somehow looks like me
just less fortunate.

Confident ego's and active minds
creative eyes and working hands
plantations to factories.
All but one in common: Pride.

There is no care for dirty feet or dirty hands
The blood that's shed represents the struggle to make us
and it is thicker than any substance.
We are family.

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